KKM Trademarks

Our services:

  • Counseling on the possibilities to protect names and signs by trademarks
  • Drafting and filing of trademark applications 
  • German and International trademark applications (MMA, PMMA), European Union trademarks
  • Handling of the registration procedures
  • Coordination of international trademark applications 
  • Representation in opposition and invalidity proceedings for trademarks
  • Taking active measures against competitor trademarks, such as the filing of oppositions
  • Negotiation and conclusion of delimitation agreements 
  • License agreements and other contractual matters
  • Handling of the enforcement of trademarks before the competent courts

For obtaining a strong market position, it is mandatory that products and services are marketed under an intuitive name or sign which the customer associates with the quality and value of the product or service. By means of a registered trademark, such names or signs can be protected efficiently against copying and against the exploitation of the reputation by third parties. 

>> We advice our clients on how their names and signs can be protected efficiently and comprehensively by a registered trademark << 

A sign must not be descriptive for the relevant goods and services and must possess a distinctive character – we will evaluate your sign with respect to these prerequisites and elaborate a solution that meets the requirements for registration. Our attorneys represent clients in registration as well as opposition and invalidity procedures for trademarks. We further support our clients in conflicts with competitors, for example by the drafting of delimitation agreements or by the enforcement of the trademark.



What we do for you:

  • Counseling on the possibilities to obtain design protection for features of a product
  • Drafting and filing of design applications
  • German and European design applications (community design)
  • International design applications (Hague system)
  • Coordination of design applications worldwide
  • Representation in invalidity proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office or the EUIPO
  • Taking active measures against design applications of competitors
  • Enforcement of designs against competitors, coordination of infringement proceedings
  • License agreements and other contractual matters

    The shape or outer appearance of a product can be protected by a design (in some countries termed design patent). Examples are the shape of a piece of furniture, the pattern on a piece of clothing, the profile of a tire or the appearance of a graphical user interface. The requirements for obtaining protection by means of a design are that the shape or appearance is novel and has individual character.

    A design has an individual character if the overall impression which the design produces on the informed user differs from the overall impression produced on such a user by any previously published design. The protection by a registered design can be extended to a maximum term of 25 years from the filing date. Design protection can be obtained for most countries, for example by using the community design of the European Union or by using the Hague system with its more than 60 member states including the US and the EU.

    >> We provide you with a protection strategy using designs and coordinate design applications globally <<

    Together with our clients, we elaborate how a product can be protected most efficiently by means of registered designs. Our attorneys prepare design applications and handle the German, European or international registration procedures.  We further support our clients with the enforcement of their registered designs against competitors, for example by means of obtaining an interim injunction or the filing of an infringement action.

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