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Dr. Gregor Knöner

Modern medicine employs complex technical devices for diagnostics and therapy. With magnetic resonance imaging, high quality pictures of body structures can be recorded and can be evaluated quantitatively. Miniaturized endoscopes allow physicians to perform minimally invasive surgery on small joints, and the latest generation of hearing aids allows persons with impaired hearing to perceive voices and sounds with a substantially improved quality.

Recently, an increasing number of companies is entering the medical device market with new products, in particular in the lower priced segments. This increases the pressure on prices significantly. In such a commercial environment, innovation and the creation of unique selling points is of great importance for distinguishing the own developments against competitor products. To obtain an advantage in the marked, these innovations must be protected efficiently against copying by the competitors.

Our patent attorneys have been working in different areas of medical technology and are ready to assist clients with the obtaining the IP rights that are required to protect their innovations and new developments in the field of medical devices and healthcare.

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