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Stefan Käck, Dr. Gerd Mollekopf, Dr. Gregor Knöner

Most items encountered in every day life include numerous inventions from the field of electrical engineering. These inventions include very basic items, such as lighting or a telephone, but also inventions that are not directly visible to a user, for example data transmission schemes, circuit architectures or control algorithms. Also today, developments in the field of electrical engineering are a major driver for the global economic growth. The increase in complexity leads to a need to increase the investments in research and development in order to generate innovation. Protecting these investments is thus vital for each company. With the right protection, it can be prevented that your competitors benefit from your creativity and efforts without making own investments.

» Our patent attorneys have practical and legal experience in a plurality of areas of electrical engineering. They have for example worked in large electronic companies or in the security system industry «

We represent large and medium-sized companies in the areas of 

  • household appliances
  • consumer electronic
  • computer systems
  • measurement technology and semiconductors

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