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Melanie Wenzel-Schäfer

The possibilities of applying measurement technology are by far not exhausted. By processing sensor signals with intelligent controllers and evaluation algorithms, the boundaries of the classical technology of measurements and analyses are continuously being pushed further. For example, by means of such technologies, household appliances can be provided with an intelligence that allows an improvement of the energy efficiency, and the integration of such appliances in a Smart Home network becomes possible.

In analytics and biotechnology, signal or image processing is performed for measurement signals in such a way that the mass screenings of biological material or a comprehensive characterization of samples become feasible. Sensor systems and subsequent signal processing are further part of the process control and of the quality control of modern plants.

» KKM has profound knowledge in these areas and supports clients with the safeguarding of their technology against copying by competitors. Our patent attorneys hold degrees in experimental physics and thus have comprehensive practical experience in the field of measurement technology. «

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