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Dr. Gerd Mollekopf

There are several hot candidates for the most prominent invention that has ever been made by mankind. Amongst them is the wheel, which was invented several millennia ago and which clearly belongs to the field of mechanical engineering.

But even today, many important inventions originate from the field of mechanical engineering, which has not lost any of its relevance. Examples are the chassis of a modern vehicle, a wind turbine tower or a production robot. The continued development of mechanical components is paramount to the success of many new products.

With their background in physics and engineering, our patent attorneys have a fundamental understanding of mechanical systems. The practical experience in research and in the industry as well as the many years of experience as patent attorneys allow them to quickly understand complex technical facts and to identify the key features of new developments

Proven fields of expertise include: 

  • automobile technology
  • systems engineering
  • subsea technology 
  • energy products, in particular gas and wind turbines
  • shipbuilding technology

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